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One of the basic specifications in the interior décor world is a wall finish. A wall finish can include paint, wallpapers, decoration with tiles or wood panels. Wood wall panels relish a rich inheritance as a sophisticated wall treatment and can be used as a stout design statement for your interiors. Although wood wall panelling might not be suitable for all types of interiors and can have some limitations as well. Following are some pros and cons of a wood panelled wall that might help you in making the right decision for your home.

Use of wood panels in the design world is linked with rich class. Some of the examples of this type of elegance through wall coverings is Colonial and Georgian interiors. Veneers come under the decorative wood finishes that showcase the natural and flawless beauty of hardwood.

Wall panels made of wood are known for delivering a clean surface that reflect a pleasant view with a soft touch. Compared to tiled walls, it has no plastering lines which accumulate dirt and discolour with time.

Depending upon your requirement, wood panelling is flexible and can be stretched to full height or to a midway level. For a more formal living space including your den or study, dress it up with oak wood panels with its texture and colour.

Wood panelling is great for concealing flaws. Various flaws and unattractive features like lose cables and wires can be wonderfully concealed with proper planning and usage of wood panelling. This feature is definitely unavailable in walls with wallpaper or paint.

Insulation wood used for wall panelling acts as a great source of thermal and audio insulation. You can create an easy and warm atmosphere by combining a wood wall covering with upholstery.

For restoration and replacement, you can sand down the wood panel and reseal it to recuperate the beautiful appearance. If the damage is extensive, you can easily replace the panel without causing disturbances for the rest of the wall.

Hygienic: counters made of wood are certainly sterile because of their characteristic, built-in shield against all sort of bacterial elements.

Easy Fixes: Wooden counter have a very big advantage over other surfaces that if they ever get damaged, a sand paper can help in removing undesired marks or dents smoothening out the surface.

Adaptability: the country side look of the wooden counters can complement any part of the home. You can place them in the kitchen on your wet bar on your pantry area or you can make a block island for hanging the pans and pots above.

Price: Wood counters materials are not man made and thus have a hefty price naturally. Depending upon the proportions, structures and types, their price vary and it may also vary according to the installation.

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